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Asthma and sport

Asthma has become a fairly common disease in athletes. The treatment of asthma and its variants, generally based on beta-2-agonists and / or glucocorticoids administered via the respiratory tract (inhalation) requires the grant of:

  • a TUE for some inhaled beta-2-agonists, terbutaline and formoterol in particular, associated or not with inhaled glucocorticoids,
  • a declaration of use in the case of salbutamol, salmeterol and / or inhaled glucocorticoids alone. Download the declaration of use form  here. Regarding inhalation of formoterol and terbutaline, TUE application must reflect good medical practice by including, in addition to the duly completed TUE application form , the results of exploration on the requirements listed in the  file in case of asthma or one of its variants.

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