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Authorization to use

Athletes, like everyone else, may have illnesses or conditions that require the use of certain medications. If there is a substance that an athlete must necessarily use to treat his condition and that is listed on the  List of Prohibited Item, a Therapeutic Use Exemption for therapeutic purposes can allow him to take the necessary medication.

Thus, the AUT is an authorization to use for therapeutic substances and / or methods prohibited issued by a committee consisting of experts upon examination of a documented medical condition. The TUE application may be retroactive in cases of emergency, the TUE Committee (CAUT) will decide on examination of a documented medical condition presented after a laboratory has reported an Adverse Analytical Finding.

In accordance with International Standard permissions for therapeutic use , any application for a TUE, either standard or retroactive, must include:

  • The TUE application form duly completed and signed by the athlete and the specialist contractor,
  • A full medical report with clinical examination, diagnosis and evidence that the prescribed treatment is essential for the health of the athlete and is not substitutable by another non-prohibited therapeuty
  • The results of all exploration confirming the diagnosis including a diagnosis of asthma and its variants; the AMA said the documents and the examinations related to the file requirements should be made available to the CAUT.

AUT folder full must reach the National Anti-Doping Agency (ANAD) as soon as possible and at least 21 days before a competition.

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