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Despite the youth of its system, the National Anti-Doping Agency started its research activities addressing, first, the social issues, before moving to applied research in collaboration with the WADA accredited doping testing laboratory including that of Tunis.

Two social research projects for educational purposes are being developed in collaboration with the UNESCO and the Lycée Pierre de Coubertin Sport Department (El Menzah - Tunis). These two projects have been approved by the Scientific Council of the ANAD and respectively by the UNESCO and the local Ethics Committee of the Charles Nicolles Hospital in Tunis.

UNESCO Project : Competition launched in high schools health clubs to develop a product with the theme of anabolic androgenic steroid doping ... It can be a brochure, magazine, interactive CD, poster / display of artistic production, etc.
High School Sports Project : Impact of ANAD's preventive actions on attitudes and knowledge on doping and medication among young students athletes.

Both projects will be conducted by experts from ANAD and education and fall respectively in the primary and secondary prevention.

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