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Education: Awareness and Prevention

Since its starting up, the Anti-doping National Agency invested an energy and resources in the development of its activities of raising awareness and prevention.

The program of prevention and raising awareness will allow the Anti-doping National Agency be known publicly, to make known its objectives and its missions and to inform the sportsmen and their circle of acquaintances as well as the wide public about the anti-doping fight.

The awareness program of the sportsmen offers information on the doping and its consequences by a direct interaction not only with the athletes, but also the trainers and the medical staff.

The Anti-doping National Agency, through better implementation of its national fight against doping began its "Education - Prevention" program targeting three levels namely primary, secondary and tertiary.

Primary prevention

· For whom: the wide public, the young high school students, the students, the sporting amateurs …
· How:
- Days of raising awareness during the sports and cultural events
- Distribution(Broadcasting) of messages, spots in mases media (radio, television)
- Elaboration and distribution(casting) of brochures
- Display(Posting) of banners
- Campaign of SMSing

Secondary prevention

· For whom: the young sportsmen and their circles of acquaintances (technical and medical staff, parents, family, friends)
· How:
- Animation of days of raising awareness for the sportsmen and the staff
- Participation in the various sports events
- Displays of banners in stages and rooms during the matches and the competitions
- Sessions of training and information for the benefit of the sports picture framers
- Training for the trainers " Frank game " of the AMA

Tertiary prevention

· For whom: the sportsmen of elite
· How:
- Animation of sessions of raising awareness for the sportsmen
- participation in the various international sports events
· Why: " for a clean sport "

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