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Tunisian approach

Tunisia placed the sector of the sport among the priorities of the State considering its strategic dimension, considering the importance of its role in the complete development and its contribution to the brilliance of the image of Tunisia worldwide.

This approach widely contributed to the blooming of the sportsmen, to the detection of the young talents and opened  the path  of the success to the Tunisian elite thanks to the numerous measures taken by the Head of State in their profit.
Aware that the sport is based on the duality of the body and the spirit and that it represents an educational style putting in symbiosis physical performance and irreproachable moral behavior, Tunisia the new era watches to assure his sportsmen an atmosphere groin and fair competitions besides a rigorous medical and scientific follow-up and to offer them a sanitary protection to allow them to raise  their level while protecting their health.

For that purpose, the medical sports center was transformed " national center of the medicine and the sciences of the sport " while eight sectorial and regional centers were created in the governorates.

The laboratory of screening of the doping, the first one in the Arab world and the second in Africa, also establishes an important experience and testifies of the will of Tunisia to make a commitment in the fight against this plague.
Besides, the choice to opt for a National Agency assuring the anti-doping fight in the sport expresses the attachment of Tunisia in the noble values of the sport and the Olympic movement.

The history of the anti-doping fight in Tunisia began at the beginning of the 90s with the elaboration of a national program on the subject and lacréation of a unityof anti-doping fight within the CNMSS.

The Tunisian politics regarding anti-doping fight can only translate the avant-gardist character of the orientations of Tunisia and its forward-looking approach in the domain. Indeed, there was, on one hand, an implementation of the statutory, institutional and technical bases adequate to the national level and on the other hand, a total membership of Tunisia in the efforts spread by the international authorities in this sense.

Tunisia is one of the first not European countries (after Australia and Canada) to sign the European convention of Anti-doping fight since 2003 and it is also among the first signatory countries of the International Agreement  of Anti-doping fight in the sport since October, 2006.

This fight  to protect the spirit and the values of the sport does not amount to the procedures of the tests of control only but contains especially a preventive and educational dimension in particular with the young sportsmen.

The election of Tunisia as executive committee member of the anti-doping World Agency establishes constitutes a tribute in the Tunisian experience and a gratitude of the big efforts spread for the anti-doping fight in Tunisia.
This consecration will allow Tunisia to shine on the regional and continental plans. Moreover, Tunisia shelters the seat of the Regional Organization Africa zone I the presidency of which she assures.

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